“Donuts” vulnerability in email clients

In my workplace, security is taken pretty seriously. The network is locked down, a firewall is in place, and all internal services require authentication. However, there remains one…

Remove groups of git branches

Generate a list of branches to be removed based on a prefix.

Creating a changelog from a Git history

List all non-merge commit messages since a given tag

Using promises with array reduce

Waterfall a series of promises created from array entries

Bash variable default value

Set a variable only if a value has not already been provided

“if” stderr to /dev/null

Suppressing output in a Bash “if” statement.

Test if git head is on a given branch

Test if the current HEAD commit is an ancestor of the passed branch.

Copy a .iso to a USB stick

Every time I have to burn a Linux image to a USB stick, I always have to look it up. Every single time, without fail. I decided to…

Resistor app screenshot

Resistor codes


nginx configuration

I use nginx over Apache for a number of reasons. First of all, its config files make a lot more sense to me. Since I work mostly with…